Everyone is an Artist – Maastricht Conference on the Cultural and Creative Industries

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On 27 September 2016, Maastricht will host a conference on the Cultural and creative industries, organized by the artist and the other, and made2measure (http://www.common-knowledge.co/category/mccci/). Vizier is also present, to tackle some urgent questions with the audience.

To appear real and original seems more important than ever in the way we present ourselves in daily life and on social media. It is playing a role in everything we do, buy and consume. The creative industries, as a generator of artificial scarcity, is largely based on this idea of authenticity. It creates the desire for unique products, experiences and lifestyles, and promotes the permanent renewal of our living and working environment. “What does all this mean for contemporary art?” does cultural sociologist Ruben Jacobs wonder. Is it a blessing, or does it merely make the artist’s role more complicated? How can artists distinguish themselves when everyone is expected to be creative and authentic in work and in life? In his keynote speech (11am) Ruben will explore these questions and come up with a few suggestions to look at the case differently.

Vizier is further present, by means of an “out-of-the-box” session, in which participants are subject to a scientific experiment. The aim is to create a better understanding in how personality traits, competencies, creativity and motivation can contribute to (future) success in (creative) work. Together with colleagues from Tilburg University, Ellen Loots (Erasmus University) organizes this session (11.45am).

Ellen LootsEveryone is an Artist – Maastricht Conference on the Cultural and Creative Industries

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